Through our design process, Nenes embraces cross-seasonality, gender-neutrality, timeless style, functionality, and durability as integral strategies for waste diversion and prolonging product use. Together, we can reimagine the fashion industry and build a world where quality, versatility, and inclusivity are at the forefront of every design decision.
Designed with Purpose.


Nenes embraces cross-seasonal design to reduce waste and maximize product lifespan. Our carefully crafted patterns and adaptable silhouettes make our garments suitable for any season. By creating versatile, year-round clothing, our Renewed product offering remains seasonally relevant, providing excellent second-hand options.


Nenes combines inclusivity and waste reduction through gender-neutral design. We challenge norms and adopt a sustainable approach by creating clothing for all. Our gender-neutral products maximize wearability, extending the lifespan of each garment.

Beyond Trends

Nenes goes beyond trends with timeless designs inspired by nature's enduring beauty. We embrace a style that lasts, encouraging conscious consumerism and discouraging constant consumption.


Our functional designs enhance usability and reduce waste. Carefully crafted with convenience in mind, our garments cater to the needs of parents and babies. We empower caregivers with versatile pieces that eliminate unnecessary purchases and simplify routines. 


Clothing crafted to last. Our 100% Pima cotton fabric ensures exceptional softness, strength, and durability. Each garment stands the test of time, maintaining quality and vibrancy wash after wash. By prioritizing longevity, we minimize waste and the environmental impact of disposable fashion.