We are committed to delivering only the best. Each piece of renewed item undergoes a rigorous screening and cleaning process, ensuring our customers receive high-quality and pristine products every time.

Initial Assessment

We begin by inspecting all items for signs of wear including fabric degradation, seam damage, size distortion, and staining. We use these factors to assess the condition of the garment and determine if it is fit to be sold again. Any items that do not meet our quality standards are removed from our inventory and sent to textile recycling organizations where they will receive a new life either as a new consumer or industrial good. Items that do pass the assessment, move on to the next steps.


Authenticity Certification

We guarantee the authenticity of all of our renewed branded merchandise. We carefully inspect each item to ensure that it is genuine Nenes and not a counterfeit or imitation.


Pretreatment and Mending

After sorting, we apply biodegradable, non-toxic, and color-safe oxygen-based bleach to treat any stubborn-looking stains or spots on the garments before washing them, ensuring they look their best. In cases of small seam rips, we will also do spot mending to try to salvage the garment.



After pre-treatment and mending, our clothes are washed in warm water with fragrance-free and eco-friendly detergents that are hypoallergenic and offer serious cleaning power without any of the known harmful irritants to skin or planet such as surfactants, phosphates, and dyes.Β 



Following the washing process, clothes have been cleaned but not sanitized. This is where our high-heat drying process comes in. Our items undergo heat sterilization at temperatures between 250ΒΊF - 375ΒΊF to kill any viruses, germs, or bacteria that might linger on fabric.Β 


Inspection and Final Assessment

After drying, clothes are inspected by our team of trained garment processors to ensure that any damage to the garment before processing has been addressed and no new damage has occurred. Once a garment has been approved, we provide detailed and accurate product descriptions for all of our renewed items, including any imperfections or signs of wear and tear. This allows our customers to make informed decisions and know exactly what they are purchasing. Any items that do not meet our quality standards however, will be sent to textile recycling organizations to receive a new life either as a new consumer or industrial good.Β 



Once the clothes have passed our inspection, they are packaged in airtight bags to ensure that they remain clean and free of any odors until they reach our customers.

We take great pride in our cleaning process and are committed to providing our customers with high-quality and clean pre-owned branded merchandise. By following this strict cleaning process, we can assure our customers that they are receiving renewed clothes that are thoroughly cleaned and in excellent condition.