Renewal Program

Welcome to the circle.

Help the planet and get rewarded! Get 20% store credit for returning approved Nenes clothes when your baby outgrows them.

Renew Now

The Process.

It's simple!


  • Wash and dry your Nenes clothes before packing them. We only accept clean garments.

  • Log into your Nenes account and initiate your renewal return.
​ See Renewal Conditions


  • Pack your cleaned clothes in
    your original shipping bag, or
    in the complimentary return
    bag you received if returning
    a gift. No longer have those
    materials? No worries, we
    accept clothing in any

  • After submitting your renewal return, check your email for a complimentary shipping label.
  • Print the label and affix it to your package.
Renew Now


  • Once your package is all
    prepped and ready, drop
    it off at your local USPS,
    UPS or DHL facility.

  • Sit back and relax while
    you wait up to 1 week to
    receive your store credit!
Shipping Information

Renewal Conditions

Within a year of initial purchase, gather and clean your Nenes branded items you wish to return. Each purchase comes in a reusable mailer bag that we encourage you to keep and use to send back your outgrown Nenes clothes. If you send or receive a gift box, don’t worry, it will come with a return bag inside too! We prefer you mail it back to us in Nenes packaging but happily accept returns in any box or parcel you already have.

After you have filled your return package and affixed your shipping label to it, take it to your closest USPS, UPS, or DHL office for drop off. It really is that easy!

Shipping Information

At Nenes, we know that babies can really get the most out of their clothes, and we don’t expect your pieces to come back in perfect condition!

However, there are a few cases in which we are, unfortunately, unable to accept a returned piece. These instances include, but are not limited to:
● Clothing having large holes or tears
● Clothing being deeply stained or discolored
● Clothing being returned from other brands
● Nenes pieces being returned from an unauthorized third-party
● Clothing having been modified or altered

In the case that an item is rejected by our quality specialists, it will be sent to our partner organizations to be recycled into new materials. You can rest assured knowing that your clothing will still go toward a good cause!

Store Credit

What to expect?

20% of the price you paid for each of your Nenes items once we've received your items!