By following this Product Care Guide, your baby clothes will retain their luxurious softness and strength.

Pima cotton is renowned for its superior softness and durability, making it a premium choice for clothing. To ensure your Nenes clothes stay in top condition and last 50% longer than regular cotton clothes, follow this simple care guide:

Product Care



Machine Wash Cold

  • Pima cotton is soft and feels delicate, but it can be machine-washed!

  • Select a gentle cycle and wash with similar colors to prevent color bleeding.


Gentle Cycle

  • Choose the gentle cycle option on your washing machine for a careful wash.

  • This helps preserve the softness and suppleness of Pima cotton.


Reshape and Dry Flat

  • After washing, reshape your Pima cotton clothes to their original form.

  • Dry them flat to prevent stretching and maintain the fabric's smoothness.


Use a Mild Detergent

  • Opt for a mild detergent without bleach to maintain the fabric's integrity.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers.


Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed:

  • If necessary, use only non-chlorine bleach to treat tough stains.

  • Regular chlorine bleach may weaken the fabric and reduce durability.


Warm Iron (if necessary)

  • If wrinkles appear, use a warm iron to gently smooth them out.

  • Avoid high heat to prevent damage to the fibers.

Follow these steps to extend the quality and lifespan of your baby clothes for your family and maybe even the next! (Optional)