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Renewed Balloon-a-Palooza Classic Long Sleeve Tee

Renewed Balloon-a-Palooza Classic Long Sleeve Tee

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Introducing our 'Balloon-a-Palooza' Classic Long Sleeve Tee, now available in renewed excellence!

This charming piece boasts the same delightful balloon print and plush white jersey knit trim, ensuring your little one stays both stylish and cozy. Meticulously renewed to pristine condition, this tee retains its original charm while being kind to the environment.

Crafted from premium Pima cotton, it guarantees the same durability and unmatched comfort, now with the added sustainability of a renewed garment. Each tee is carefully sourced and renewed, offering you a unique blend of eco-consciousness and enduring quality.

- Classic long sleeve tee with playful balloon print and white jersey knit trim
- 100% Pima Cotton: durable, hypoallergenic, buttery soft against the skin
- Made in Peru

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100% Pima Cotton

Pill Resistant

Super Soft


Wrinkle Resistant


Washer/Dryer Safe

No Chlorine Bleach

Line Dry is Best